Kenflow Co., Ltd. & Home Gush Water industry Co., Ltd. have 30-years experienced water purifier man ufacturer. Kenflow Co., Ltd. & Home Gush Water Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional water purifier manufacturer with 20-years experience. With & department, our company can develop innovative products to meet customers’ requests, from design, mold building, plastic injection, filling and assembly.

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Desalination Abnormal weather and lack of water resources have become an important issue in the future. For systems that have been treated with water, the desalination system has excellent capabilities for high-concentration and poor water quality. Seawater desalination is aimed at water quality below 32,800ppm to 35,000ppm, and inorganic salts and organic salts can still be removed as high as 99%. Therefore, the seawater desalination system can be used as a multi-purpose application, such as: salt water desalination, mobile emergency rescue water, wastewater treatment and recycling water... etc. In the future, desalination may be one of the necessary options for water treatment systems.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatmentIndustrial water treatment The company can provide various materials of reverse osmosis (Reverse Osmosis) membrane tube CA TFM material; ultrafiltration (Ultrafiltration) membrane tube and polysulfone, PTFE, PVDF and other different materials of membrane tube suitable for pharmaceutical, biochemical, pure water, There are more than two hundred types in power, chemical, textile, food, dairy, farming, semi-conductivity... and other industries, and almost all types you need can be supplied.